Jos Wigman is an artist who enables me as a curator to show high-quality art to a wide audience. His work is accessible because color plays an attractive role in figuration, landscapes and abstractions. Started in black-andwhite graphics, Jos Wigman later decided to take the viewer with him in his appealing colorite.

His work is not only important from a content-artistic point of view. There is always talk of craftsmanship in the use of technology, material, his choice for oil paint and working in distinctive texture. His landscapes evoke a pleasant silence. At the same time you can hear the poetic narrative that underlies painting or drawing.
His poetry is not only depicted in paintings, but can also be experienced in his texts. Besides being a painter, Jos Wigman is also a singer / songwriter and already has several CDs to his name. He also manages other disciplines, such as spatial work, designing and creating design, and in 1995 he made his first feature film.

His last visual work concerns a series of fascinating collages with balanced lines and surface division in mostly primary colors and sometimes monumental woof.

Willem Jansen,
Curator Visual Arts

The Netherlands
Onderstaand werk is een kleine selectie uit de periode 1980-2016

T: 06 53 20 28 89
A: Slotweg 2, Asten